Houserules for Wittig Pathfinder Campaigns

Character Creation


All races from the core rulebook are permitted. Monster races are not permitted as PCs.


The summoner class is banned due to balance and gameplay concerns.
The gunslinger class and all archetypes which involve guns are banned for flavor reasons.
The synthesist archetype is double extra super banned.

All other core, base, and alternate classes may be used. Archetypes require DM approval.


All magical item creation feats are removed from the game. See Rituals, below.


Haste is houseruled to allow those affected to make a single extra attack when making a full attack action with EITHER a manufactured weapon or a natural attack. Using haste to make another attack with a secondary natural weapon does not remove the -5 attack penalty, however.


All spellcasters gain access to special out-of-combat magical abilities. Spellcasters may choose one of the following upon gaining their first caster level. They may gain the other by taking a feat.

Create Permanent Magical Item
This ritual allows the creation of any permanent magical item. You must be high enough to qualify for the feat required in the core rules. IE, you must be third level to craft wondrous items, because the feat Craft Wondrous Item requires CL3. This ritual is intended to replace the crafting feats for wondrous items, rings, weapons, armor, and rods. Crafting permanent magical items does NOT halve the item cost, however! You must pay the full market value to create them.

Create Temporary Magical Item
This ritual allows the creation of temporary or limited-use magical items. This includes wands, scrolls, and potions, and otherwise functions like the previous ritual. Crafting magical items requires components equal in value to the full market value of the item.


Composite longbows are 200g. If you have a strength below 12, you take a -2 penalty when using a composite longbow. You may apply a strength bonus of up to +5 to damage when using a nonmagical composite longbow. Magical composite longbows may apply any amount of strength bonus to damage.

Magic Items

Magical items from the core rulebooks (not campaign settings) are all allowed. Magical items which occupy a slot may be crafted in a different slot, but this increases the cost by 25%.

The following custom magical items are also available:
Ring of Enlarge Person
Ring of Reduce Person

Note that these items will cause permanent changes in ability scores if worn continuously for over a day, which may affect prerequisites for feats.


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